Marcin CzerminskiHi, I’m Marcin
…and here is a little bit about me.

I’m a full time wedding photographer. I specialise in documentary wedding photography. It’s my passion to bring your big day to life through stunning photography. I live in Olney, Buckinghamshire with my wife Ania, daughter Maya and Bailey the dog.
Outside of photography I love callisthenics, I’ve been training for some time now. When I’m bored or tired you can find me upside down doing handstand with some push up variations.

During the wedding photo-shoot I pride myself in being able to blend into the background which allows me to catch those special moments. Weddings are very emotional and bring out the best in people. I want my couples to be able to relive those happy times every time they look at their wedding album. I have experience and knowledge to help you go through your special day stress free!

Below there are some behind the scenes photos and a selfie.

Photo below – On the left my shot and on the right photo taken by wedding guest at the same second, you can see me in action 😉

Photography is more than a job to me. My style evolved over the years, however I’ve always favoured honest “caught in a moment” photos over the staged ones. I believe that there is something intangible about the candid shots which I started appreciating even more since my daughter was born.

Below left is a photo of me with my daughter Maya and dog Bailey and right is Maya with my first camera (Zenit E 35mm film camera from the 80’s).