Wedding ceremony – Bletchley Registry Office, Milton Keynes – Nazia & Scott

Wedding Photos of Nazia & Scott’s wedding @ Bletchley Registry Office, Milton Keynes (MK Registration of Births Deaths & Marriages)

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“I had seen Marcin’s work online and knew straight away that he was the right photographer for us.
Right from the outset, when I contacted Marcin, he was accommodating and tailored his service for us, to suit our needs and the small imitate day that we were planning.
During the wedding, you could tell just how dedicated and passionate Marcin was about his work. However I was still not prepared for the photographs he produced. Marcin’s work was breathtaking. The emotions he captured, the beautiful detail, and the artistic skill evident in every photo.
The photos blew us both away. Scott actually cried. He was so taken back by the emotion you captured. I knew we would love your work but you moved us both to tears. Thank you Marcin. It was so hard to even find the words to sum up how we feel about the beautiful photos and memories you have captured forever.”

“I was sceptical about hiring a professional photographer but Naz was keen and if it was important for her then it was important to me. Marcin was very discreet before, during and after the ceremony and that allows him to work his magic – and magic is what he performed. So many incredible pictures of the important people in our lives caught at ease sharing our special day. I have never witnessed photography capture Naz’s beauty but he did in every picture, and every picture is a different side to her beauty. I had hoped for a few pictures to stand out but there are literally dozens from the day which are breathtaking. I am so glad to be proven wrong and bow to my wife’s genius in finding the perfect photographer for our perfect day. Thank you Marcin – you have captured memories which will last forever.