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Sophie & Paul’s wedding @ All Saints’ Church Emberton & Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville

Sophie & Paul – wedding photos @ The Bull Hotel Olney, All Saints’ Church Emberton & Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville, Buckinghamshire

“I had a privilege of being a part of a magical day that belonged to Sophie and Paul. It was a beautiful, happy and probably the most emotional ceremony I witnessed. Not only was it the first time that I photographed good friends wedding, it had an added bonus of the groom being a photographer himself. Have a wonderful life together you two!”
Marcin (the photographer)

“Being a photographer and a friend of Marcin’s I’ve seen him produce incredible wedding photography year after year. It was my turn to get married and I had the pleasure of asking Marcin to be our wedding photographer. On the big day Marcin was an absolute pro. He was cool, calm, considerate and knew where to be at the right time. It was cool to be the client this time and see him at work. The weather was against us but Marcin was optimistic as ever and took full advantage of it. He was creative and produced some incredible shots that carried so much wow factor. The man over delivered and we’re so grateful. Thank you Marcin. We had an awesome day and you captured it beautifully mate.”

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The Bull Hotel
A former 17th century coaching inn, now a Pub & Restaurant with Rooms. In the centre of Olney, Buckinghamshire.
Sophie Robinson Makeup Artist
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Bianca & William’s wedding photos @ Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville, Buckinghamshire

 Bianca & William’s wedding photos @ Clapham Parish Church, Clapham, Bedford & Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville, Buckinghamshire

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Marta & Danny married in Olney – wedding photography

Wedding Photos of Marta & Danny’s wedding @The Courtyard Brasserie, Olney, Buckinghamshire
Bridal preparations: Chicheley Hall, in Chicheley, Buckinghamshire
Ceremony:  Sutcliff Baptist Church, Olney

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“It was a pleasure to have our pictures taken by Marcin. Very professional approach. We felt very relaxed and not stressed by camera. Week after our big day – pictures were ready to view. We are very impressed 🙂 Can’t wait to show them to my family and friends . Great job Marcin!”
Best regards Marta and Danny Whittington

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Olney Centre – Wedding Ceremony | Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville – Reception

Wedding Photos of Kelly & Jamie’s wedding @ Newton Park Barn, Newton Blossomville, Buckinghamshire

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Asian Wedding Photography in Olney, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Wedding Photos of Anuska & Kuldeep’s wedding @ Spice Garden Indian Restaurant in Olney

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Wedding Ceremony Address:
The Register Office, Bracknell House, Aylesbury Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2BE

Wedding Reception Address:
Spice Garden Indian Restaurant, Stanley Court, Olney, Buckinghamshire